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Our History

Founded in 1929, Turnbull Homes has a long and rich history in the Building Industry. We are proud of our heritage; with it comes a wealth of experience and knowledge which we continue to build on. We look forward to our centenary very soon.


We are focused on creating places which are sympathetic to their location and respect the existing environment. We constantly strive to use sensitive methods of construction and materials which safeguard local habitats and wildlife.

Our homes are designed to use energy efficiently and to conserve and protect the local environment. We are continually challenging ourselves to build responsibly such that we deliver homes that improve the quality of life for all.


Unlike most house builders who out-source design, your new Turnbull home will be designed by our in-house Architectural studio, 1929 Architects. Our Architects lead the design from concept to completion, providing a hands-on role during site works to ensure a high-quality design is maintained throughout.

Our chartered professionals focus on researching new materials and products ensuring your home is sympathetic to current trends and technologies whilst also maintaining longevity for the future.